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Dec 1, 2012 8:15pm EST
-- he fight for green energy and hand that to the contributors. he's fight for high speed rail and hand to the contributors. he produced a guy i can't bailout at gm. he would support the democratic contributors and bankrupt the united states of america. that's exactly what happened. the prediction was made before he put his hand on the bible. he's done anything i say he would do. there were two professors who just left when we got there. the only two guys in the country talk about this. me and glen beck. i said in the beginning they had a theory in order to destroy the country and wipe out capitalism so you to elect somebody willing to cut the afro and put on a gorgeous silk tie. a beautiful family, tell everyone he's not divider. how fair he is and helps to the middle class and overwhelm the system with debt. explode the system with debt and entitlement and get torch the knees begging government to save them. every step of the way. watch it that's what barack obama has done. he pulled the professor in front of the nation and no one stopped him. i have been saying it every step of the w
Dec 3, 2012 6:45am EST
of time and energy. i am going to take a quick nap. [laughter] >>host: >>guest: >>guest: this is so soft and cozy on both sides it will not be returned. >>host: only two dozen left in chocolate, two dozen left in ivory. all you need is a remote control and something to drink and you will never need to leave yourself up. seen that today's special, it is more than halfway gun. over 15,000 of these have been ordered, from deb guyot designs, your herkimerquartz stila el earrings. it is clearer than other courts. quartz . --the leg letto. now, what about a gift under $15?you can go to somebody's house and they will feed you entertain you. + bring something for them.a bottle of wine can be problematicthe scentaments crinkling holiday diffuser. it is in the red color you know it is snow globe has a snow flying. it has twinkling glitter. under $15 and free shippingexactly 378 of these left. mary beth byrd is joining us this morning. >>guest: these c13 out the door last time because of what tamara hooks said. it is the best hostess gift, stalking gift, a teacher is part of the s
Dec 1, 2012 3:00pm EST
energy and oil and operation in themselves in particular and this is the entrepreneurial type. and these are the characteristics which allow the entrepreneurs to achieve great things and also to go broke. this great quote in tom's book about a long history of success is the biggest precursor to tell you think about what the successful entrepreneur has learned. he learned when i have all of these helpers' around, it is too risky. whenever work. how does he look at all these advisers and the entrepreneur is, we have to ask ourselves what happens to the dialectic, the entrepreneur and banker. when the entrepreneurs take over the banks. this is the point he was making. when this entrepreneur real tank takes over the bank which is supposed to be the risk averse, cynical, worried about risk tight, what do you get? you might get a bubble. what can you do? then you have to reproduce this dialectic, the optimists or the pessimists or the i can do anything versus the warrior, focus your on risk, reproduce this with discussion inside the bank, or between the bank and others, and tom's bo
Dec 1, 2012 11:00pm EST
and you do not have the time or energy you will have to touch these up at all. >>host: will be honest you why have purchased expensive sheets in the past and they all feel as good as these. even if you spend a lot of money on sheets and there is no that thoseoised to fail as soft and comfortable as these so let the price point for you. even if you are buying these for yourselves to combine these with the flameless candles and you want to create your own private sanctuary or a home week you can always send these back we will return your whole >>guest: if you are wondering what the microfiber or story is and what is the phenomenal everybody is talking make your life so much easier and we have3 with and bordering. >>host: is enough elegance and class of what i'd like is you can make the contemporary and whenever the decorating motif this is not so much about the importer re where the guy in life will feel it is a little too feminine. it is not prissy at all. >>guest: i would say is that proceeding is stately and the design element allemande is very stately. if you have an animal design o
Dec 2, 2012 3:00pm EST
you. this super energy efficient and as your making a purchase to they consider you are coin to be able to run it day in and day out for and you will only be paying pennies a day to power in it because it is the ultra low voltage. it is also super lightweight it is about48 lbs. with the base. you can pick up and bringing in rooms. previously i used to have to have help with the c r t tvs. -- crt >>guest: it is so modern with the smaller bezel and sleak frame is one to be beautiful with it on the dresser on the wall or in the family looks as sleek and modern in your home. >>host: i was doing some research on the internet and what to buy this holiday season.tablets are hotter than and outside that the hottest thing and these are from consumers, the hottest thing to get our tvs. why? because you at this point in time it the best values on tvs.- when did you ever think you would get a 50 in. led tv for less than a thousand dollars? i purchased a 32 in. from right here at hsn it was a today's special and i got a eight years ago it% was $1,200 and it was a today's special
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5